Parts for the whole

Synecdoche /sin-NEK-da-kee/ – Greek for “simultaneous understanding” – is the meaningful substitution of the part for the whole. It lies at the center of thought and feeling and mind. Synecdoche. The limits of the human mind are opened by Synecdoche.

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Form & Time

How long does a thought take? They’re not instantaneous but they’re over in a few seconds, at the most. Can we have one at the same time we’re thinking something else? Does the order of our thoughts matter? These are the questions we’re asking. We’re not telling anyone the answer. We’re showing them.

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What is Intention?

What does it mean to act? To do? To intend? Are these things we do in time and can we see ourselves and experience ourselves in each? Our work explores the phenomenology of action and art in the passage of physical time. Experience with us.

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Art & Time

Welcome to Synecdoche. We’re a collective of artists dedicated to the exploration of art in space and time. We support each other’s work and we give a shit about what we do.

Art takes place in time. It has a duration in the minds of the people who make it art – the patron or the viewer or the auditor. That’s the duration that matters – the only thing that counts as art.

We’ve been working in art and meaning and time for more than twenty years. We’ve published academic papers, written and directed critically acclaimed plays, and created hundreds of works and been viewed in galleries and private collections in the US and Europe.

The Collective…

If you’re an artist, join us at least in conversation. If you’re a critic, meh. You do you ; ). If you want our work or want to talk, press the “reach out” button below.