About Us




As artists, we’ve collected and synthesized experiences for over twenty years in almost every media we can find. Film? Painting? Woodworking? Theater? Wire? Solder? Peer-reviewed research? Seriously, if we ever find a media we don’t like, we’ll try and show the same things just because we’re really fucking stubborn about this question.

We want everyone to join us. We’ll publish all our schematics and detailed instructions on how we do what we do, down to the last letter and sound.


We don’t think it’s important yet. Maybe later it will be and we’re not hiding anything, but if we tell you who we are, you’ll be tempted to pattern-match us against your existing ideas of what an artist is and should be. You matter. We don’t. You’re what makes art when you experience it. We just make the shit with care and obsession.

Wanna talk?

Reach out and join the conversation. We’re not really normal people, but we think we’re a lot of fun and we’re as passionate as f__k about what we do.