Digital Opening

Yesterday, (18/5/2021) we previewed two of our pieces on TikTok (and Instagram). In the first ten hours, our two video pieces were viewed organically over 86,000 times, earning more than 5500 likes. We love it when a plan comes together, and we had always seen our work as respectful of the capabilities of IG, TikTok, and YouTube. Like we’ve said all over this page — our works take place in time. They aren’t static. They have a beginning and an end. They do something. We had actually thought about developing an application that let everyone see all of our work, but then video-based social media came along, and we’ve been so excited by the possibilities. Here’s why:

“To capture and present the world’s creativity,” in real-time. Yep. That.

It’s not impossible to imagine a future where all art is previewed for all. It will make all of us as artists take time seriously — if what we’re making just sits there, when we have the ability to make our works dynamic and engaging, it will connect with people less effectively. If, on the other hand we see the shape of this new “gallery,” with a few billion daily patrons, and we take it seriously like we take our audiences seriously – your mobile device has the easy capability to be the most democratizing force in the arts. Ever. Yes please.

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