Series A

Theoretical Explorations

A series of textual and scholarly works examining, form, synecdoche, and phenomenology. These works inform the theory and practice of Synecdoche.


Series B-1

Sound & Form Part One

In this series, we examined the psychology of form and the phenomenology of time. In 62 unique works. We’ll post pictures.


Series C

Theatrical works

In Series B, we focused on the phenomenological connection between the work (one of 62 “sound-boxes,” – mixed media works with digital semantic sound and appropriated or created imagery) and a single audience member – the person pushing the button). Building on and focusing all our attention on this “one:one” dynamic, in 2017-18 we wrote and produced YOU, a minimalist/maximalist performance art experience based on the conventions of immersive theater.

This isn’t an ad. This is from Newsweek’s review of YOU. Full text of the review available here.

Series D

Art in Community

Art is about connection, community, and vibrant life. Synecdoche’s art includes digital gallery pieces and finely crafted mobile applications and software. Yes, this is new and we want to move the artistic experience beyond the walls of the gallery and the museum and into the fabric of your life. Synecdoche’s Catalogue D1: Open & Fresh will drop in June of 2021 and will share a vision of local connections, real community, and life of energy and health. Available soon on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Synecdoche’s Catalogue D2: “$ocial €hange,” allows for the creation of flash mobs on-demand. This work will use new technology to bring people together in a time when every factor imaginable works to tear us apart. Available soon on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Series B2

Sound and Image Works - Series 2

Updated and enhanced functionality mark both a return to an established technique for artistic experience and a dramatic leap forward in the means of artistic expression. Works will be released as embedded digital pieces at with full functionality in a virtualized environment and as both a reference work and limited runs of physical production.